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Big Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel performs with panache

Jeep's new Grand Cherokee is a real competitor in the higher end SUV market, big and imposing and comfortable, and with about as much stuff as one could want stuffed into it.

It even features interesting little trim touches that highlight Jeep's long heritage, hearkening back to the days when the brand began by providing the famed little "general purpose" vehicle for the military.

Available with a trio of engine choices, Jeep Canada's "Summit" trim level test vehicle was of the diesel persuasion. more...

2014 Jeep Cherokee: 'Modern aerodynamics meet Jeep heritage'

The grille is new but recognizable, as is the overall look of the exterior. And under the new skin beats an interesting new heart that could make this newly-Italian Jeep dear to fans' hearts.

And, boy, is it ever perfect for those times when winter winds blow and snows fill the streets!

The new version of the popular SUV rides on a new platform for 2014, one that apparently came from parent company Fiat, and its transmission even gets an extra gear - nine speeds in total. Talk about giving their customers the gears! more...

Kia Sorento and Jeep Compass – Crossovers from Companies Heading in Different Directions

One company's on the rise, one's trying desperately to make a comeback. And a pair of their current SUV offerings are illustrative of both points.  

Which brings me to the Jeep Compass. While the Sorento feels ready for prime time, the Compass feels more like time has passed it by. If this Compass is pointing to the direction in which Chrysler (of which Jeep is a part) is heading... more...

Jeep's Grand New Cherokee

While it might have been a government-bailed out basket case only a year or so ago, if the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is any indication of Chrysler's direction there may be hope for the company after all.

That's because the Grand Cherokee is a very nice SUV, equipped extremely well for the money, and yet with the Jeep off-roading heritage apparently intact. more...

Jeep Rubicon Offers an Off-road Blast from the Past

Talk about retro!

In an age when more and more vehicles seem to be embracing the look and/or feel of vehicles past (just look at the PT Cruiser or the current Mustang), the basic, garden variety Jeep doesn't have to follow such trends. Nope, it continues to look pretty much like it always has, the body style millions have come to know and love since the U.S. Army was given the Willys back in 1941. more....

Jeep Proves Patriotism Can Pay Off  

Patriot starts off well: it looks like a real Jeep, with its round headlights and slotted grille, boxy body panels and unapologetic SUV look. The vehicle looks rugged and serious, and that's not a bad thing for an SUV.

Inside, the Patriot is roomy for four and nearly roomy enough for five, and it's comfortable for all day driving. We packed five people and picnic stuff into it and sallied forth into the Rocky Mountains for a day of mild off roading (dirt and gravel, not really heavy duty stuff), and had a ball. more....

Cherokee Versus 4Runner: Tough SUV’s Slug it Out

Can a Hemi engine turn a venerable SUV into a sports car? Can a new V8 turn a longtime Japanese favorite into a Hemi beater?

Those are just two of the questions I asked myself during back to back weeks driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and Toyota 4Runner V8 Sports Edition. Both of these SUV’s are nothing if not world class, both have been around for many years in one form or another, and both are capable off roaders.

Jeep says the Grand Cherokee is all new for 2005 and is “reclaiming its legendary class-leading status” while offering “countless improvements” including new steering, front suspension, and QuadraDrive II.

Toyota, meanwhile, says the 2005 4Runner features a brand new V8 engine offering “more power than ever before” and “an extensive array of stability and traction management technologies for outstanding off-road capability, on-road comfort and all-weather safety.” more...

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